Sunday, December 18, 2011

College Student Seeks PR Job - And Goes Beyond The Normal Path To Get Noticed

This Facebook Ad caught my eye.  I rarely pay attention to the advertisements on the right side of the page, but I had to click to learn more as I am always impressed by people who try unique approaches to acquire what they desire.  In this case it is a college senior, Samuel Solomon, from Auburn University and his desire to find a PR job with a Start-Up.

Sam seems like a good find for a start up.  His resume shows he has been doing, not just learning, while in college.  He created his own company while in school, has met with seasoned entrepreneurs, and has a clear understanding that the world is full of noise and distractions... and he is seeking ways to stand out (and will help his employer stand out,too!)

When I clicked on his link he had the following statement:
Chances are you will not finish reading this page. It is completely understandable. There are so many distractions available it makes it difficult to get a clear message across. 
So, how do you deliver a message in a world full of distractions? That is where I come in. 
My name is Sam. A public relations major at Auburn University, I created a startup, FRUGGL, and several other web-based projects in my free time. I have a strong background in product testing and digital marketing. Alternatively, I study the parallels between education and entrepreneurship.
His personal website and blog also shows he is a go-getter.... and while I am not seeking to hire a PR person (or anyone for that matter), I wished New Year Publishing or my solo speaking / training business were bigger.... as I would create a job for someone like this guy.

I imagine he will have a job soon!  Good luck, Sam.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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