Friday, March 25, 2011

Treat The Good Ones Like GOLD

Two blog posts I read today inspired this  blog post.

The first is by Chris Brogan.  Chris wrote about flaws, and in reading his post it seems that maybe the critical jerks that populate our world were impacting his mood as he sat at his computer.  He is right, we all have flaw, but they should not define us more than the amazing things we do to impact the society around us.

The second was by Leslie Morris (my editor, business partner, friend, and an impressive communications consultant).  Her post contemplated if being a "giver" was born or bred.  She discusses how some people, regardless of their own situation in life, find ways to serve.... while others are oblivious to the needs of others.  She is right that many wonderful people just never seem to discover the easy ways they can positively impact the world.

Well meaning people often can easily slip into self-focus.  This can be gossip and finger-pointing or the lack of philanthropic awareness and efforts. This happens to everyone at some point, as just getting through the day can sometimes be overwhelming.  Yet it is in the patterns we find character.

I believe most people want to do good and assist others in achieving success.  They want to be a beacon of the positive.  This desire often becomes confused with actual action, and can even blind them to their lack of effort or negativity.  Many make promises and never follow through, yet internally view making the promise as equal to the completed action.  Others think that "constructive criticism" 100% of the time is a gift (ummmm, not always!)

We all have made mistakes, and we all come up short on expectations sometimes. Flaws are part of being human. When this happens there is a long line of people willing to share our flaws with the world... But few are the ones who line up to praise others for their successes. When you find these rare souls who help for the sake of helping... and who give for the sake of giving... treat them like GOLD.

My business partner (The publisher at New Year Publishing and Leslie's husband, Dave) is one of these people who finds the good in others and supports them in the efforts to go for their dreams. I would never have become a full time speaker, author, and consultant if he had not seen my goals as legitimate and found ways to assist me to make them bigger than real.

He regularly does stuff to lift others up and avoids slamming people for flaws. Additionally he has had a very successful career. Some mistakenly say he can do good things because he is so successful.... but I know it is the other way around.... He IS successful because most of the time he focuses on the good parts of people and not the bad.... and gives of himself. 

You can't change the selfish people, the gossips, the mean-kids, the dream-killers, and the jerks.  But you can avoid being one of those yourself.  Additionally you must remember to treat the good people in your life like they are made of gold!

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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