Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some Assembly Required Webinar

Join me on April 12, 2010 at 3 PM (Central Time) for the "Some Assembly Required Webinar"

"How to Integrate Visibility As Part Of Your Business Development Plan"

Marketing, Sales, Business Development, PR, Social Media, Networking, Advertising and Branding do not happen by accident. If you are a small business, professional services firm, or individual you cannot afford to hire teams of people to handle all these important business disciplines. Each person in the organization must have ownership and take action to help raise the visibility of the company.

Any one of these business practices will help raise the reputation of your business, but when you can put the pieces together you will find more power in your overall marketing and branding efforts. When done correctly this will lead to more sales.

Please sign up to be part of this webinar. We will explore how your marketing plan, business development efforts, customer service, referral network, PR and social media and advertising can work together to create your personal and professional brand in your business community.

After you sign up you will receive the instructions to join the webinar.

Cost: $35 ($25 Early Registration)

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