Monday, March 29, 2010

It's Okay To Be Crazy

Really. It's okay.

Several months ago I met Sean Adams. Those who say that "Twitter is a waste of time" are often missing the opportunity to make connections with others in their local communities. If it had not been for the micro-blogging site I might have missed this intelligent and motivational individual.

Sean lives in the Austin area, but our paths had never crossed before Twitter. I make it a habit to follow the "tweets" of those who live in my community (I can't follow everyone on the planet, but if they live in my city, I have much higher odds of meeting them in person at some point).

In the past I have written and spoken on panels about the real power of Twitter having a 30 mile radius! When you invest the time with Twitter to follow interesting people, it can jump start a conversation at a later date when you can have a deeper conversation (one that goes beyond 140 characters).

One day Sean, whom I had never met, reached out an invited me to coffee. We had a great conversation and he gave me a copy of his book It's Okay To Be Crazy. I have had the book in my car for months, and yesterday I decided to dive in and read it. This small book (I am a fan of small books!), which takes just over an hour to read, is a gem of wisdom.

Sean quotes his father in the beginning of the book (and thus shows the source of the title):

His father always said, “Every time somebody tries to lift their head and do something special, there’s somebody else there to call them crazy.” You have to be a little crazy to be successful. You have to be crazy enough to believe in yourself when nobody else does. You have to be crazy enough to do something you’ve never done. In fact, you have to be crazy enough to believe in a dream that nobody may see but you. Finally, you have to be crazy enough to take big risk. Taking big risk not only shows that you have confidence in yourself but it shows you can deal with and manage failure.

Throughout the book he encourages the reader to take ownership for their actions and forge their own future. No excuses are allowed, and it is clear that Sean has followed his own advice.

My favorite line in the book comes from Colorado Football Coach Don Hawkins. "There are two types of class: First and No". Ponder that one for a few minutes: First Class or No Class. It is clear that Sean Adams is First Class!

Since I began working for myself nearly a year ago I am always amazed at the number of friends, family members and others who ask me if I am looking for a job yet. They seem to think I am crazy in being a "Speaker". They do not understand the speaking business and thus assume it is not something where someone can build a steady income. They seem to be encouraging me to go get a "real job" and abandon my calling. I have learned from my personal adventure the past 12 months.... that it is never crazy to go for your dreams. In fact, it would be crazy NOT to go for your dreams.

Let the naysayers call me crazy. It's okay!

Are you crazy too?

Have A Great Day.


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Unknown said...

i will be crazy forever!!!!! who cares what the world thinks about your dreams, i support you 100%, you are a freaking rockstar!