Sunday, November 08, 2009

Honoring A Soldier's Service

This week my friend Dan completed his 13 month tour of duty in Iraq and is returning home.

I know Dan because he is a close friend of my business partners and I have met him several times (He hired me to speak at to his company in 2008). I was very impressed when I heard he had volunteered to return to active duty. He is a West Point graduate and former Army Ranger. After he completed his service he went to Harvard Business School, and then into the corporate world.

He did not have to go back and serve our country. But he did by choice.

Why would a forty-something father with a thriving career choose to go to Iraq? When asked this question by a friend, Dan replied "It's my duty. When I left the Army I made a conscious decision not to resign my commission in case something like this happened." It is people like Dan, and their sense of duty, that makes America great.

Our service men and women are an amazing asset that have a positive impact and protect our freedoms.

This week we celebrate Veteran's Day and in honor of my friend Dan's completion of his tour, my publishing company is offering a free copy of my new book "Batteries Not Included: 66 Tips To Energize Your Career" to the first 100 active U.S. military or veterans who email New Year Publishing and request a copy. The publisher will pay for the shipping and handling.

Send an email to Include your mailing address.

This week there has been a lot of news focused on the military due to the horrific event that took place at Ft. Hood. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those who were effected by this tragedy.

Have A Great Day.



Ellen said...

Thom --
You are so generous to be doing this for our troops and veterans.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to send a book or two to Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)? They have a Family Assistance Center on site that helps the soldiers and their spouses in many ways but also for job search.

Anonymous said...

To Dan - His Wife and Family,

We are most grateful for your service to our country and for the personal sacrifice your family made to support you.

Thank you also for extending hope to others that they might one day experience the freedoms we have.

To Thom and his Partners,
Thank you for bringing this story to our attention and for your support of the Veterans.