Monday, November 23, 2009

Eleven Random Thoughts

1. If nobody knows you exist, opportunities will not come your way.

2. When you do not partner with others, they will not bring you into projects.

3. People who always spin excuses are passed over for future deals.

4. Spend too much time thinking others are trying to take advantage of you, and you will miss out on many paths to success.

5. Forget to thank the ones who helped you succeed and you will kill your golden goose (those who helped you before will help you again if they feel appreciated).

6. Try to be like everyone else and you will become a commodity (commodities are always purchased from the lowest priced provider).

7. Compare yourself to peers and someone will always be doing better.

8. Live a life that is a lie and you are a fraud (frauds always exposed).

9. Claim you are too busy to invest in relationships and you will be alone.

10. Have no goals and you will have no way of knowing what is a victory.

11. Success takes time. 100% of those who quit never reach their goal.

Have A Great Day



Jason Cohen said...

Awesome list. My life would be better if I read this at least once a week, or consulted before making a big life choice.

It's also nice way of explaining why being generous works.

And why social media works even though it cannot be measured.

James Herbertson said...

Thought provoking stuff. We really do create our own future by the attitudes we have today.

pattidenucci said...

Excellent guidlines. A golden opportunity came my way yesterday -- and I knew to say "yes" right away - because I follow these rules.

David Gehring said...

Great one is an island.

Search Engine Marketing Bill Leake said...

keep up the random thoughts, mi amigo.
Always a joy to read your writings.