Thursday, September 10, 2009

Social Media Seminar This Tuesday - REGISTER TODAY!

On Tuesday morning (September 15, 2009) I will be presenting a seminar in Austin, Texas with Steve Harper. The topic is "Leveraging Social Media" and it should prove to be a great discussion.

Do you ever wonder if the whole social media thing is a fad? Do you get nervous at the thought of updating your Facebook "status"? Do you come up with excuses why you have never blogged? Are you Linked-out of LinkedIn? And does the whole concept of Twitter make you run from the building screaming?

Or maybe you are a social media wiz-kid... but everyone else in your office thinks you are from Mars. (sound familiar? Drag your co-workers to this meeting!!!).

Do you work for (or own) a business and you worry that your tardy arrival to the social media game is just a big invitation for your competition to take over your industry?

The breakfast seminar is being hosted by the Austin Business Journal, and this is the first time that Steve and I have ever presented on the same stage. We have been working hard to develop an informative, entertaining and inspiring program.

Please come and join us.


Have A Great Day.


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