Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Open Cluster Theory of Networking

When you are at a networking event standing in a circle, leave a little open space to allow others to join the cluster. If you all stand close together it is not inviting and people will walk past your group.

Tonight at the Austin Tech Happy Hour a small group of people had a discussion about this theory. We opened up the cluster just a little and were instantly able to be joined by another person.

Scientific? Maybe not... but we raced to see who could blog about it the fastest. I used "" to call in my post. Listen above. I had only had one glass of wine, so NO...not buzzed.... just excited about the "Open Cluster Theory of Networking" and the race to get it posted on the internet. Ahhh, the silly fun one can have in today's wired world. Just think, a generation ago there would have been no cell phones or internet so the theory would have just died out. Now it is here for you to hear!

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David Morris said...

I love the concept Thom: Just as a leader in a meeting should encourage involvement from other people in a meeting; a leader in this setting should make sure that the group is inclusive and inviting to people not already there.

DIsplay Name said...

I think that everyone who considers themselves a networker should make others aware of this phenomenon at networking events.

Not sure which is cooler, this idea or the fact that you phoned it in.