Friday, April 11, 2008

It's The Experience, Stupid

Sometimes you have to try new things to find higher levels of success. If you look around at the results you are getting and are not satisfied, why in the world would you just keep doing the same things. Shake it up a bit. Experiment with new ways to connect with others.

This is true in all areas of life, but sales and marketing people live this life of needing to try new things on a regular basis. The old ways of getting through to people do not always work, and you need to look for ways to stand out, be seen and buy space on their braincells.

When cold calling doesn't work, you need to network. When networking reaches all it can you need to market. Marketing can only take you so far (it is not magic), so you need to uncover other ways to be top of mind with clients, prospects and others. You and you company need to be an "experience". If you want to win, you don't get to slow down, or just do one thing. Think bigger.

I have done my share of cold calling in my career, and have had mixed results. Sometimes I think that making cold calls is just part of a personal branding campaign. Unless you catch someone at the exact time they need your product or service, they will not take your call and certainly will never call you back.

After I have lobbed in ten or more messages over months I am fairly confident that people know who I am. When I get the chance to meet them at a networking event or other occasion, they usually seem to have faint recognition, even if they can't figure out why. Of course the reason is they have heard me on their voicemail repetitively.

They seem to have a natural tendency to want to push "* 3" (delete) upon hearing my name.

But we need more of a relationship with potential clients than just leaving messages if we want to connect. Both parties need to have the sense of a mutually beneficial exchange.

I got the chance to sit next to Tim Hayden on a flight recently (by the way, Happy Anniversary to Tim and his wife, Halea, who were on vacation to celebrate seven years together!). Tim is the CEO of GamePlan Marketing and a national thought leader in the expanding Experiential Marketing industry.

Tim and his team work with businesses, large and small, to help foster interaction with customers in a more personal level. Marketing "AT" someone is old school and has limitations in today's very noisy world. However, creating shared customer experiences are what gets a company remembered.

I have known Tim for over two years, and always find conversations with him to fascinating. I was reminded in talking with him that success comes to those who are not in a copy-cat mode with their competition. Being a little edgy and creating an aura of excitement is the key to winning.

More and more companies are getting the message. You can see this in how corporations now communicate with customers, prospects, vendor and employees on and off the web.

It's all about the experience.

How do people feel about their experiences with you?

Have A Great Day.


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David Morris said...

In the ABC's of Networking; isn't "G" for Gameplan?