Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Phoenix Always Rises

The FBR (Formerly known as the Phoenix Open) Golf Tournament set a PGA record this past Saturday with 170,802 spectators at the TPC Scottsdale Stadium Course in Phoenix. I was one of them. While in Arizona for the Superbowl my friends and I got free passes to the golf event and joined a record crowd to view some golf.

I admit that I am not a golfer and I have only attended one other PGA event. However the FBR is not your father's golf tournament. Imagine the PGA meets MTV's Spring Break. I was shocked by the young Abercrombie-looking crowd, which made it seem that most of the Arizona State student body came out to party, many of whom were oblivious to the golfers and just there to drink beers.

The 16th hole is unlike any other in professional golf. This par three has bleachers encircling the hole. The stands and the open grass area were packed with rowdy fans who even at one point started "The Wave". Yes, "The Wave" at a Golf Tournament. The traditionally polite sport is not accustomed to fans booing and heckling the players, but at the 16th hole anything goes.

With each threesome fans were regularly betting with their buddies on which golfer would be closest to the pin. One, two, three shots....money changed hands. One, two, three shots..... money changed hands. And so on, and so on. Oh, I won $23. Thanks Dave and Bob!

Tiger Woods was not there, as he was playing and winning in Dubai. Apparently he wont play at the FBR due to the unruly nature of the spectators.

On Sunday, J.B. Holmes birdied the 18th hole twice in 20 minutes to win over Phil Mickelson. While I missed the Sunday final (because of being at that Football game), being there on Saturday was a fun addition to the weekend.

The experience in the airport on Monday morning was not as nice. A 90 minute wait to check bags followed by a one hour line to get through security. I have never seen so many people in one terminal. YIKES. Once inside the sea of humanity at Starbucks was enormous. I almost skipped getting my grande non-fat mocha. I said almost. Additionally, my plane was delayed by more than three hours. But I am not complaining, as I got to go to the FBR and the Superbowl. To complain about some minor flight delays would be, well....just not right. Nope, I had a great time in Phoenix. End of story!

Have A Great Day.


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