Sunday, October 28, 2007

Blog Talk Radio Show - Week #12 - Interview with John McCrea, VP of Marketing for Plaxo

This week we had a great interview with John McCrea, VP of Marketing at Plaxo. We discussed the Open Social Web. John is an industry expert with amazing expertise in the online world. This interview is informative, entertaining, and downright important to listen to for thirty minutes.

"The party is over for the old media, and just beginning for the new online media". The growth of the open social web will just continue to grow as more and more companies avoid being "walled gardens". Portability and transparency are the name of the game! McCrea and Plaxo believe that this is the future.

Click Here to listen.

I have also added John to my blog roll, so you can click over to read his blog.

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JibberJobber Guy said...

Great interview Thom. Since I'm outside of Silicon Valley, I find it intriguing to hear how people "in the know" describe the state of things.