Tuesday, October 23, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - # 42

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Think Abundantly

Author Tim Sanders calls people who think abundantly "Big Pie People". These people see the world chalk full of enough opportunity and that everyone can have a slice. I love the imagery.

When you are working to build your reputation in your business community you will encounter people who are all over the map in their journey toward personal and professional success. Some of these people will seemingly have their act together, others will resemble a lumpy lump of clay, but all can use your assistance to achieve greater heights. The choice is yours as to how and when you want to jump in and make a difference in allowing others to excel.

If you are a "small pie person" then you will not look for ways to help people reach their goals. Oh, maybe you will if you can see a personal pay-off for yourself, but "small pie people" are always ensuring their efforts are aligned with their own needs before taking action. These people only want to help themselves, although they may act as if they are really giving to others.

"Big Pie People" like to give of themselves because they are confident that other's success does not take away from their own opportunities. In fact, they love to see others achieve. They take pride in being the catalyst that sets others into an orbit of victory. "small pie people" secretly try to derail others.

The funny thing is that "Big Pie People" are the ones who always seem to get the great opportunities handed to them. This irritates "small pie people", who are convinced that there is some conspiracy and "good ol' boys network" that is limiting their chances for the brass ring. The truth is that everyone instinctively knows who is only looking out for themselves, and sour on these selfish folks quickly. Then they joyously share the goods with those who are givers.

Givers Get.

Simple. Yep. Sure is!

Have A Great Day.


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