Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Webcast Worth Watching

I invested nearly 2 hours to watch this online webcast that was sponsored by OPEN from American Express. It is all about creativity in business: standing out from the crowd, doing amazing things, and soaring to success.

They cover:

• Finding Your Brand Space
• Creating Customer Demand
• Keeping Your Business Moving

"If you had to choose an address of where to open your business, you would want it to be located at the corner of Art and Commerce". -- Mario Batali, restaurateur and celebrity chef.

Wow! That line rang in my ears all day after I heard it on this webcast.

Invest the time ..... click here and watch the video.

Now I realize that most people will just blow it off and not watch the video, even though it is full of amazing stuff that can help anyone in any industry. I expect this, especially from those in the legal profession who read this blog. They will think that their valuable time cannot be spent watching a webcast ("if it is not billable, it is not worth doing",... I once heard from a lawyer!). Your loss.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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