Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Technology Spoils A Connection

Technology can let us down. Trading emails is not a substitute for meeting someone in person.

I recently asked a well known author/blogger for his opinion of The Networking Quotient Quiz. I was not asking him to blog about the free online assessment tool,... but he is someone I respect and I wanted his feedback, as we are still fine tuning the product.

He entered his email address, but never received the auto-responder email message that gives one the unique key to take the quiz. I could tell by his response that he was not happy with this. I could tell by the tone of his email that he was annoyed.

This was a big reminder that online relationships cannot ever be as strong as personal connections. I do not know this author/blogger....I have only read his books and blog. We traded a few emails, but do not have a real connection.

If we had been friends (or even met in person), the glitch in technology would have been just that. In this case it was my first (and only) chance to make a first impression.

Overcoming a bad first impression is difficult. Most people do not ever forget an annoying encounter (on line or in person). I apologized for the mishap, but it was clear that he was underwhelmed with his experience with me.

Sometimes you just have to smile and realize that not everything you do will work out the way you had imagined. I still admire this individual, and hopefully our paths will cross again under better circumstances. I like him most because he tried to take the quiz, I have asked some other prominent folks who did not have the time. I like that this guy makes time for anyone who sends him an email. That is very impressive.

For the rest of you, PLEASE try the quiz at networkingquotient.com.....I know it works (It has only malfunctioned for this one person!) and I would appreciate your feedback!!!

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Anonymous said...

I really like your blog because you will always write about mistakes you make in the business world. Many other bloggers only position themselves as perfect, you will often show how human you are by showing where you make errors. This is good and more business bloggers should get off the GOD soap box and show they are real people.