Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Learning From The Kid, Again!

My nine-year-old daughter got her Red Belt in Karate this week. She has worked hard and does a good job in her study of the martial arts. I am proud of her accomplishments. She is now in the advanced level training, and it will get harder from here as she treks toward the Black Belt!!!

The students had to recite their "student creed" during the graduation ceremony. It struck me that if we all lived by these words we would be much more successful in our jobs, personal lives and private ambitions.

The Student Creed

I must develop myself in a positive manner and avoid anything that would reduce my mental growth or my physical health.

I must develop self discipline in order to bring out the best in myself and others.

I must use common sense before self defense and never be abusive or offensive.

We are a black belt leadership school. We are motivated. We are dedicated. We are on a quest to be out best.

Winners never quit. Quitters never win. I chose to be a winner.

Wow. These words can apply to any person in any profession. If you want to succeed, you need to focus on being your best, and stop putting your attention on all the negative crap in the world.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Mary Pat said...

so she is not just the kid.....She is the KARATE KID!

lordz7 said...

My name is Zane Rushing. You probably don't know who I am, but I was an assistant instructor at the Talamantez Karate center on Bulverde road, San Antonio.

I was writing my resume for a job application and thought to myself, "I might want to write something about my years of service to Talamantez Karate." I did some google searching for the school details, and, lo and behold, found my school credo here. It really is a touching speech. I still have it memorized to this day, and try my best to live by it.

I know we have not met, but I am touched that kids are still learning these things that they really need to know, things that public schools won't teach, that really make an impact on their life.

I wish your child the best of luck towards earning her black belt, and hope you can be proud of her that day like my parents were the day I earned mine.