Saturday, November 11, 2006

Review Me

Get money for writing your blog!

Attention all bloggers, what is your thought about a service that pays you for reviewing products and services on your blog? You write and they pay you for what you have to say. There is a lot of buzz and controversy around the blogosphere about programs that will give cash for blogging.

I understand the argument that says "all blogging must be pure and free from any corporate influence".

Then there is the part of me that says "WOWWY, real money for giving my observations to others!" I think we call people who get paid for writing their observations REPORTERS. Last time I checked, Katie Couric got paid a HUGE salary by corporate advertising for all the silly stuff she has talked about in her career....why shouldn't a blogger get some money??? Ms. Couric does not put on all that make-up, do marathon hours of pilates, and act so perky just for the fun of reporting. She does it for the money.

Thus, as long as the blogger makes it clear that he is being paid for the post....then this practice is a just fine with me.

I have decided to give a try. With this post I am going to dip my toe in their water and see how it works out. Supposedly they are paying me for this post which you are reading, and I do not have to say good things to get the money (they encourage reviews to be HONEST). It was very easy to sign up, and we will see what happens next.

Let me know your thoughts about this topic by leaving a comment on this blog or sending me an email.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

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Anonymous said...

I do not think bloggers should be paid any money to review products. It would just make the ones like Seth Godin more wealthy and the rest would get so little money it would be useless. Don't do it!

Robert said...

As long as you state that it is a sponsored post, I think it is fine.

Anonymous said...

Reporters are not paid for specific stories, although writers are, so it is okay.

Anonymous said...

This sort of writing is suspect. It takes away from the purity of Blogging. I hope you decide against doing it.

Anonymous said...

You are getting more comments on this post then most. Seems like a topic that is controversial. Controversy brings attention. Therefore, do it, because while some wont like it, they will read it, knowing you are being paid by then they can complain, or not, but at least they read your post.