Thursday, November 02, 2006

Unique Marketing Not Me-Too Marketing

Bruce Allen has a great post this week about not being a "Me-Too" marketer on his Marketing Catalyst Blog.

Bruce says that too many companies (especially law firms) spend too much time looking at what their competitors are doing for marketing and then they copy it.

He is right! People just assume that if another company is spending the money to advertise, then it must be worth it. I once heard a partner in a law firm argue that since the competition had a sponsorship add on the public radio station that his firm should too. He was positive that all his clients listened to the same station that he did, and they were hearing the competitions name on the radio. He just knew this was costing him clients.

Was it? I doubt it, but there was not logic or research to his opinion....just feeling. If you let your whole marketing plan rest on feelings, then you will forever be chasing your competitors and will never stand out from the pack.

Bruce's firm looks for ways to be different. He calls it "180 Degree Marketing". He looks where the other law firms are spending their money, then he puts his efforts some place else. Guess what? The competitors all follow, then he moves on.

Be a leader in your industry, not a follower.

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer

PS - Happy 40th Birthday to my great friend Doug Willmarth.

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