Monday, November 13, 2006

Jones Soda Co. Label

I have submitted this picture of my kid to Jones Soda Company for consideration to be on the label of their soft drinks. The photo is a few years old, but it still makes me laugh. She has a big personality, and this sums it up.

For those who do not know Jones Soda, you are missing out not only on tasty carbonated beverages, but also on a company that is the definition of "cool". The company is a runaway phenomenal example of how to think out of the box and create buzz. They have created customer loyalty and a dedicated following by making their business more than just a soda company....but more of an experience.

Experiential Marketing is more than advertising. It is connecting with real people in a way that the competition has never imagined. It is getting hundreds of thousands of people to submit pictures to be plastered on your products. It is holding "battle of the bands" competitions, then featuring the winning bands on labels. It is making "turkey and dressing" flavored soda to be sold at Thanksgiving (yuck, I tried it last year and it was gross.....but it introduced us to Jones Soda, and we keep coming back!)

The labels on all flavors of Jones Soda involve wacky photos of anything and everything you can imagine, .....often of customers, their pets and their passions. People submit pictures, the public votes on them....and the winners achieve beverage fame.

You can vote for this photo to make it on a bottle of pop by clicking here!

"Thank you for your support" (yes, I know, I am mixing up my beverage slogans!).

Have A Great Day.

Thom Singer


Anonymous said...

I voted and gave it a "10". Good luck.

Scott Schwertly said...

I lived in Seattle for a few years where they are headquarted, and enjoyed having access to their soda at nearly every grocery store. Since moving away it's been hard to find their products.

Green Apple. That's my favorite. I miss it.

I hope to see your kid's picture on a bottle soon.