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Over 50 - The Best Years Of Your Life

I made a decision when I turned fifty that I was going to make ages 50-75 the best years of my life.

Not that anything in the past had been that bad (in all honesty I have been fairly fortunate,  but life has a way of bringing stress and other factors to the forefront, and enjoying each moment can be allusive at times.

My generation is not like the Baby Boomers and Millennials, our every move is not charted in the media and Generation X has rarely been told how to think at each stage of our lives.  Since I am near the older end of my generations, there were also not many who had turned 50 before me (Plus, I think most of the generational information is bullshit anyway - LOL).  Thus, I was on my own as I crossed this milestone and I decided I would take personal ownership of how I enjoy everyday of my future.

My own story has had good times and bad times (like everyone else), but I was a free spirit in my youth and did not spend much time worrying about money or my future.  There is a lot of personal embarrassment that I was not a good student in college, but on the flip side, it was a really fun time. I embraced joy in my youth that somehow disappeared.  By 25 years old I was marred and at thirty I was a dad. Do not misread what I am saying, there was joy and we have had a good family experience, but I cannot say that fun was my focus during this stage.  Mortgages, career, educating children, and navigating all the other pressures of modern life caused me to be lost in worry and other fears.

But the next phase (and hopefully not the last) is the time for me to reinvent how I deal with everything and make sure that I am going to embrace the experience of life. I have coated my emotions with Teflon so that burnt parts of life can slide off me and not ruin my day.

Alas my proclamation to make this 25 year span the best.  I see too many others worry about crossing that sign post and freak out and think the best times are in the past.  WRONG. I refuse to think that this area of my life is not the one that will bring true delight.  About two years into this new fresh approach and I am less stressed and I simply do not get pissed off at the people around me.  No matter what happens I am at peace with myself.

I am tracking my process and the actions I am taking, as someday there will be others who are turning 50 who will want to make similar changes.  Maybe I will write a book.  In 2030 the Millennials will begin to turn 50, and by that age they will have gotten fed up with how the media has portrayed their generation.  Some will be hungry for fresh ideas to find a similar path and peace in their own lives.  I want to be a friend who can assist others who want to embrace age 50-75.  

What I have learned so far includes these tips:

Five Tips To Make Ages 50-75 The Best Years Ever

1. Stop letting others impact your mood.  A boss, spouse, client, child, sibling, etc... are not actively trying to piss you off.  They are dealing with their own stuff and are simply reacting to the BS in their own life.  Be slow to anger and fast to forgive.  Remind yourself that if others are being jerks, you can still smile. 

2. Schedule fun.  Life does have responsibilities and pressures, but you can carve out a few hours a week to have fun.  Block a 3 hour recurring appointment in your calendar each week and then go do whatever feeds your soul.  Read, paint, workout, go out in nature, etc...  

3. Meet new people.  Jim Rohn said "you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with each day".  If the people you call "friend" are not feeding your soul, go get new friends.  If you have a person in your life who sucks the joy out of the room with their attitude, purge them from your daily attention.  You need not "fire them" from you life, but you can give them a less important role.

4. Listen to upbeat music. Put your earbuds in and let music get your excited.  Create a playlist of  the most important music of your lifetime.  Look at the chart topping songs from your life and pick the songs that remind you of great times.  A whole list of happy songs that remind you of teens, twenties, thirties, etc... will let you go down the positive side of memory lane.

5. Subscribe to motivational podcasts and blogs.  There is so much content that is available to motivate your to do more in your life, and it is all free.  Read and listen to thought leaders who you appreciate and that speak to topics that inspire you to do more.  

If the idea of making 50-75 the best years of your life appeals to you, send me an email at thom @ and let's talk about it. You are not alone in this desire and we can figure it out together.  

Have A Great Day

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