Monday, December 26, 2016

The ABCs of Sales - O is for Opportunity

Few jobs will offer as much opportunity as a career in sales. If you can succeed in selling you will always be in demand. Great sales people are important to the success of every company, and they are compensated at the highest levels. The best companies value the skills it takes to thrive in a business development role.

Many mistakenly discredit sales, thinking it is not a key role in the business. Some are jealous of the freedom from being in the office that sales people enjoy, and fail to see the real work that happens. But selling is one of the hardest ways to earn a living. To consistently succeed a sales professional must work long hours and always be seeking new ways to discover prospective clients. Those who do the best do not take rejection personally and are willing to work long hours.

Income from sales jobs is heavily (or totally) commission based. While this turns off those who prefer to have a set salary, it excites those who want unlimited upside in their earning. If a salesperson is aggressive and driven to make a lot of money, sales will give them opportunities that others will not find in their job.

I spent my early career selling a variety of products and services. The more I succeeded, the more money I earned, but also the more career opportunities came along. Smart sales managers are always looking for top talent, and they are willing to hire sales people from other industries. It is easier to teach someone about a new product than it is to teach them how to prospect, cultivate leads, present, and close.

The top tier of sales professionals are not focused on single transactions, but instead are focused on long-term relationships. But most important is they are results driven. Their resumes show where and how they have impacted the top line of the companies where they have worked. Talk and theory only go so far in a career of selling. You are always able to quantify a sales professional's effectiveness based on their success at bringing in new business. This can be scary for some, but is why the best sales people love to share the details of their history.

To have a career with unlimited opportunity a sales person needs to be confident. Belief in "self" and bold actions position you with clients, prospects, competitors, and others as the one to watch in your industry. If you study those who are offered the best jobs in sales you will find people who are never complacent or rest on their past success. They know their potential and couple that with the necessary actions to keep learning and growing.

A sales career is hard work and there are ups and downs in all industries, but the people who sell and are willing to do the work will always have a path to income. A lifetime in sales will bring a lot of interesting experiences and a variety of jobs offers. It can also bring great financial reward.

Selling is the path to opportunity.

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