Friday, November 27, 2015

Can Anyone Be President of the United States?

A vivid and very weird dream last night work me up with a jolt.  I was seeking the Democrat Party's nomination for President of the United States and was debating Hillary Clinton on live television.  

The debate was a big deal, with a fancy stage (we were to be seated in giant chairs, each next to a small table with a glass of still water, no ice, of a brand I had not heard of that the former Secretary of State requested).  She was quite specific. The venue was a performing arts theater with bight lights and a huge blue curtain.  It was oversold with people standing in the back of the room and the world's press corps all in attendance.  The moderator was a Katie Couric lookalike (or maybe it was Katie?). 

Before the debate started Mrs Clinton and I hung out back stage and she was questioning how in the world I had ever made it this far in the race.  She asked me why the American people would choose to vote for someone who was just an average person without fame or experience in politics?  She was really nice, a bit shocked to be at this point in the race with some person whose credentials included being a professional master of ceremonies, keynote speaker and story teller (although that seemed normal to everyone else in the dream). 

Apparently I had come out of nowhere in the polls and knocked out the other contenders in the early voting states. The remaining states would determine the nomination, and Mrs. Clinton wanted to lock this up quickly and bury my campaign.  She had demanded the debate take place.  While very polite to me, she felt there was no way I could have anything to say on television that could be impressive to the voters.

My wife and kids sat in the front row giving me smiles each time I answered a question.  They were so supportive. I won the debate and my opponent stormed away as Katie Couric announced I had been the victor, as in my dream it was common for the moderator to announce the winner on the spot.  I waved as confetti dropped (real debates are not instantly called by TV news personalities and followed by a balloon drop and a marching band).

Then I woke up.  It was similar to one of those scary dreams where you are chased or falling.  I have no intention of entering politics nor do I think I could beat Hillary in a foreign policy debate.  I am not seeking any party's nomination for the presidency.  Yet in a strange way the dream was empowering.  

I decided to write this post on my blog, but since I do not usually share odd dreams, this piece stands alone as some open window to my head. Sorry for kicking your butt in a fake debate in a dream, Mrs C.  And why did the brand of water matter so damn much?  (I don't recall anyone ever taking a drink).

Have A Great Day

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