Tuesday, September 29, 2015

#Eventprofs --- Take Your Conference Content to a Podcast

An exciting part of my work lately (as "The Conference Catalyst") is working with associations that want to take their conference content and use it to create a podcast.  There as so many ways to do this, and each group has different needs, but the cool thing is how affordable it can be for an event to morph content into the world of iTunes and Stitcher.

For some time I have been adding interviews of key stakeholders at events (speakers, board members, attendees, vendors, etc....) to my client offerings.  Early on I would use these high content chats as episodes for my own podcast: "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do", but now clients can create their own on-going shows that are branded around their own association, company or the annual event.

Do you want to explore creating a podcast for your organization?  It is neither difficult nor expensive to create your own show. As podcasts continue to grow in popularity, now is the time to capture your audience.

Call me anytime an we can brainstorm ideas.  I like it when bold and entrepreneurial meeting planners want to chat about creative conference ideas.  They don't need to be my clients or ever hire me to have a call.  I learn so much from chatting with meeting professionals that I am happy to share ideas and see where the information goes.  So often people do not reach out, for fear of bothering people... but if you want to chat up this idea, I promise it is not going to bother me!!! 512-970-0398.

I believe that a great conference can lend itself to becoming the foundation for an ongoing podcast that will keep your audience engaged all year long. This is an interesting concept worthy of exploration!!!

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thom singer

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This is ideal for association member retention and education