Saturday, November 29, 2014

Thanksgiving Week on the "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do" Podcast

Since the podcast launched 8 weeks ago I have been sharing how it is the best networking tool I have ever encountered.  I have had a great time interviewing amazing people.  Each guest has stories, advice and ideas that are inspirational to me (and others). The whole experience is impacting all areas of my life.

The coolest part is how hosting the show is becoming an amazing conversation starter in a variety of places.  People who listen to podcasts want to know about my show, and those who do not are curious about the medium of podcasting.

The show has been ranked in the top 10 podcasts in the "Career" category on iTunes for over a month, and it has been interesting to see how many other podcasters have reached out to me and said "hello".  Many offer suggestions and all offer friendship.  The podcasting community has some ego-filled guru maniacs, but most who host shows are regular people doing facinating things everyday.

For Thanksgiving Week I decided to release seven shows.  Usually new shows come out on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but this week there has been a new show each day as a way to say "Thank You" to all who have supported the show along the way.  
Monday - Adrian Segar
Tuesday - Cindy Lo
Wednesday - Steve Semken
Thursday - Honoree Corder
Friday - Misty Williams
Saturday - Judi Holler
Sunday - Ross Bernstein 
If you have never listened to "Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do", any one of these shows will be a great place to start.  Download, listen and then leave a review on iTunes.

Have A Great Day

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