Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Launching My Podcast

I am getting much closer to launching my new podcast.  This has been a fun journey for the past several months as the people I have met are amazing.  Many have given me the opportunity to be a guest on their awesome shows.

There is so much to learn to do this right.  I think I am ready to go in the next few weeks (but my speaking schedule is busy, so there is calendar issues).

Coming soon to an iTunes account near you will be my new show.  I will be interviewing business leaders, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and those with a high does of entrepreneurial spirit (who may also have day jobs), 

In my travels as a speaker (I have already delivered 50 presentations around the country in 2014 and over 400 talks over my career) I get to meet amazing people.  This new podcast will give me the chance to share their brilliance. 

Currently I am seeking ideas on people to interview on the new show. If you or someone you know is doing something cool, and has an interesting story to share, and are naturally generous with sharing advice, tips, knowledge, etc....  please, please, please introduce them to me via e-mail - thom (at)

More to come very soon.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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