Monday, September 19, 2011

Follow-Up Emails Can Stand Out and Get You Noticed

What do you do to stand out from the crowd?

I recently attended a conference where I met nearly 100 people.  Four days later I received an email from Steve Hunt, a sales director for Hyatt Resorts of Hawaii.  Instead of the typical cut and paste "nice to meet you" message, Steve customized a short video. (See below).

The subject line read "Mahalo from Hawaii (Okay, Connecticut)", as Steve actually lives outside of New York City representing the Hyatt's Hawaiian properties to those on the East Coast who will host business meeting in the Aloha State (is that a cool job or what?).  

I watched the video in amazement.  I see many creative ways that people can follow up, but this was both unique, and showed that he put in a little extra effort in his follow through.

We can all learn from Steve Hunt and find ways to do that "little bit more" that gets you noticed.  If I was planning a business event in Hawaii I would call him right back!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer


Patti DeNucci said...

Agreed. Sometimes it's that little extra effort, being timely, or being just one or two notches more creative or innovative that transforms a mere connection to a memorable bond. And in this gentleman's case, the Hawaiian shirt is absolutely perfect! Great post and reminder, Thom.

AP said...

Great idea, thanks for sharing! It's getting harder and harder to stand out to people you meet, especially at a crowded conference.