Monday, June 06, 2011

Refuel And Focus On What Is Going Right!

Speaking at more than 50 meetings, trade shows, conference and conventions each year allows me the interesting opportunity to see hundreds of other speakers.  I love when I get the chance to watch others (professional speakers, or industry experts) deliver their presentations.  I have spent years studying "the industry of speaking", and find it fascinating to witness how people craft their words when they take the stage.

Each time I see anyone present I call it "Speaker University".  This is my own personal course of study in which I have been enrolled for over 15 years.  No matter who is speaking - a speaker, politician, clergy, professor, teacher, etc... - I watch and learn.  Everyday is a new class and it helps me continuously improve myself.

While speaking at a large conference of accounting professionals I got to see industry veteran Carol Grace Anderson wake up the audience at a morning breakfast keynote.  She had them on their feet, and also has a nice voice, so she sang in addition to speaking.  You don't want me to do that... I am a singer in last name only!!!

Her message is about reach, risk and refueling.... and her tips to take the time to re-charge your batteries resonated with the audience (and with me!).

Her closing advice was to "focus on what is going right".  I wanted to share this in today's blog post because I think we can all easily fall into the trap of seeing the negative.  It is easy to notice the hotel desk clerk who is rude and miss the reality that you are staying at a great resort.  Placing our attention in the traffic on the drive to work instead of realizing we have a great job.  Complaining about the flight delay rather than celebrating the safe landing.  It is a choice.

Life is all about choices, and I suggest you choose to find the good in any situation.  There is always something there!

Thanks for your presentation, Carol, you were the "professor" at "Speaker University" even if you did not know it.  I got an "A" in your class, by the way!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Anonymous said...

I heartily agree! The press has bombarded us with so much negativity that it is almost impossible to see good in anything. Thanks for the reminder. Gordon