Monday, November 29, 2010

Planning Your 2011 - Company Meetings, Facilitated Discussions, and Success In The New Year

Do not take your business into the new year without a plan for success.

In boom times many people ride the wave and make money in spite of themselves. They get big contracts, dream jobs, and enjoy the profits. Many are not sure how they got so lucky, but they do not complain, and try not to let others know they were in the right place at the right time. Many believe their own press, and begin to think they are smarter than the average bear.

Those days are gone for most people. The ongoing economic situation has many entrepreneurs and other people directly effected and continuously worried about the future.

I recommend people and companies devise plans for success in the new year. Do not leave 2011 to chance. Setting goals, identifying action items, accountability, and a feeling of inclusiveness will pay off in the new year.

I consult with small businesses and law firms on creating their action plans via facilitated discussion programs. To create goals in a vacuum, without participation and input from employees, is futile. Get the people around you involved.

Many HR directors and others who plan company meetings express tell me they fear that their staff will stare at their shoes. The reality is always the opposite. People have ideas for how their company can improve, and when they feel that the bosses are interested in their thoughts, and they know they are being heard.... it is hard to stop them from talking about marketing, sales, and other business development inspirations.

If you position your sales, marketing, PR, social media and business development efforts as second tier, you will always have second tier results.

Having ongoing discussions about how everyone in the company is in the business development role will help morph your corporate culture. "It's not my job" can never be acceptable in a growing company.

But a meeting alone will not create results. Talking about the goals, encouraging action, holding everyone accountable, celebrating victories publicly, and making everybody feel involved is paramount to your success. This is an ongoing process.

Now is the time to get started. Do not wait until after January to being your planning process. If you wait, you will find 2011 will slip away.

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