Saturday, February 20, 2010

TEDx Austin 2010

I had the honor today of attending the first TEDx Austin event. Nearly 300 people filled the Austin City Limits studio to listen to thought leaders, economists, technologists, scientists, inventors, philanthropists, poets, artists and entrepreneurs share their wisdom.

The theme was "Play Big" and the day was certainly a cross-training work out for the mind. Some of the speakers sparked me think hard and explore several aspects of the navigation of my own path.

The conference was a full day of good ideas and pontifications sprinkled with some nuggets of brilliance. It was an inspiring experience and simultaneously left me expecting more. There had been a lot of secrecy in the organization and around who was to speak on the program at the event, which lead many to expect some giant surprise appearances were in store. While there were no surprises, it was still a good day (especially for a first time event).

A big "THANK YOU" to the speakers: Rip Esselstyn, Doug Ulman, Steven Tomlinson, Chris Muller, Chris Shipley, Bill Merrell, Carrie Conte, Mark Rolston, Janet Maykus, Turk & Christy Pipkin, Bob Hunt, Richard Garriott, John Phillip Santos, Phillip Berber and Mark McKinnon who all gave from their souls to make TEDxAustin a success.

There was a thread that wove through the presentations and that was "humanity". From mapping the human genome to fighting disease to finding ways to help people around the world.... we are all connected. From the food we eat to exploring our ancestry to discovering the stars, we are all at the same family table in business and in life.

In closing, organizer Nancy Giordano stated "Today is not the end, but the beginning", as they have already begun the plans for TEDxAustin 2011. I look forward to seeing how this program progresses into the future.

Have A Great Day.


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