Tuesday, January 05, 2010

The Time For Excuses Is Over

Seems like many people had excuses in the fall about why they were not working at full capacity. The uncertainty of the long recession, the pressures at work to do more work with less resources, the holidays, etc....

Even yesterday I heard a woman say she could not make any business calls because she was sure that all of her clients and prospects were busy playing catch up on emails and such things on the first day back after the new year (okay, that was one last excuse).

But the time for excuses is past (and gone until next fall!). The time has come to pick up the pace and create momentum for 2010.

Businesses (large and small) have realized that they cannot wait on the sidelines if they want success. They need to get in the game. After 18 months of not spending money on things like sales meetings and customer / industry conferences, I am hearing from companies that the time has come to invest in education and motivation for everyone.

The same thing is true for individuals. The only way to make things happen is to make things happen. Take action. Do something. Be a self-imposed catalyst and stop looking for excuses.

Have A Great Day.


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