Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Want Real Political Change? Fire Congress. Toss Them All Out On The Street!!!

There is currently a lot of talk in the political world about change. The United States presidential election always brings this wave of desire for change, yet no matter who sits in the White House, we seem to get a whole big scoop of the same.

I believe if we really want to see change in Washington DC we as a people need to fire all those in the House of Representatives (maybe the Senate, too!).

Both the Republicans and the Democrats have realized that presidential politics is just a game. They pontificate and rant every four years about who is president, but the real party power is in the Congress.

Alas, I would like to see us fire all incumbent congressmen and congresswomen regardless of party affiliation.

Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative, man or woman, in Congress for 2 years or 40 years, tall or short, funny or stern. FIRE THEM.

If Americans realized that to send a real message for reform to Washington, theWhite House is not the target.... Let Obama or McCain take the chair (it does not matter as much as we think).... But instead lets send a whole crop of new enthusiastic and heart-powered fresh faces into the House.

I know that my little blog post will not start a national uprising.... but it is sure fun to imagine the look in the party leaders when they find out that the American people have taken control with their power of the vote and did not just line up to vote along party lines.

I know, people will not do this, as many of their local politicians have power that brings tons of pork back to their district. But if we got past that, and put in new people... maybe the new Congress would make things happen. They would certainly be listening closer to the American people than the current Congress.

I don't care which party has the majority, just ring out the towel and start over. I know my local congressman. I like him. I voted for him. But we should fire him too.

Have A Great Day.



Pete Monfre said...

I agree with you so often it's starting to scare me.

Anonymous said...

here here..

Anonymous said...

I have been saying this for a decade. You are so right.

It's a risky move. "What if no-one else does it?" So true.

Yet, every big change involves big risk. I try to vote against the incumbent at every turn. Perhaps in time, others will join in.