Friday, January 11, 2008

66 Tips For Better Networking - #51

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Be A Catalyst For Good

What qualities do you admire in people whom you meet? What is it about a person that causes you to want to add them to your network of professional contacts? Do you even know? Some folks seem to want to add anyone and everyone to their network, but that is not the best use of the precious resource of time. You cannot be friends with everyone.

Busy schedules force us all to keep people out of our lives. Sad but true. Time restraints limit the amount of attention we can give to those around us, and many feel there is simply no room for anyone else. I sometimes counsel people who want to be more proactive with building a network but do not feel they can handle more friends. They are full up already and know that to cultivate a real relationships takes commitment, both in time and emotion. These folks are scared that they do not have the bandwidth to admit anyone else into their world.

Imagine for a moment that you could only add one more person into your network. Think about what qualities that person would need to possess to earn that sole spot. My guess is they would need to be spectacular....captivating....generous....unique....self-less....and well connected. This would need to be a human being that made you feel good when you were near them. Your one person would have to have the ability to fill many holes in your life all at once.

Now look at yourself. What if others could only add one person? Are you the type who helps others to achieve their goals? Are you a catalyst for good in their world? Do you possess the qualities that you long for in other people? Are you the light that shines on them?

If you want to attract amazing people into your universe you need to be the person whom can be beneficial to them. You must be amazing. Networking is about establishing mutually beneficial relationships. Too many people look to meet people who can help them without really looking for ways to be of assistance to those around them. That is the flaw in the system of networking.

A friend recently told me that networking is "give and take". I think it is more like give, give, give and take. If you accept that giving more is part of the deal, then you will find success with your networking efforts.

Go out today and do something good to benefit one person in your network. Be the catalyst that improves their world without any thought of what you will get in return.

Have A Great Day.


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