Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Life's Golden Ticket

I read a book yesterday on an airplane that is worthy of my posting about it here on the blog. It is not a business book, but it is relevant to the way we view the importance of the relationships in our lives. The people we know are all miracles and we need to cherish them. This book, Life's Golden Ticket by Brendon Burchard, will make you think about everything. I met the author recently (see photo), but I had no idea his story would be so compelling. I could not put the book down had had to stay awake to finish it the same night.

When we interact with others, we do so with multiple assumptions. Our own experiences influence our actions, thoughts, feelings and reactions. In this "inspirational novel" the lead character goes on a journey through his past, present and future....revealing to him the true secret for a better life.

Have you ever felt as if your life is out of your control? You go to work, but you feel you are stuck in a rut. The people, places and things that you thought would bring you joy are no longer exciting. "Blah" takes over and you just go through the motions. If you relate to this state of being, you should join Burchard's journey with the cast of characters he has created to lead you to your own miracle. This book will make you examine the relationships in your own life, while you cheer for the protagonist.

Near the end of the book a main character proclaims; "You can't wonder where miracles go or where they were from - you just have to be thankful for them when they arrive, and thankful for them after they have departed." This is also true of the people in your life. Many will come and go, but those you encounter are miracles masquerading as people. Embrace them. Love them. Cherish them. They are Life's Golden Ticket!

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