Thursday, July 26, 2007

66 Tips For Better Networking - #20

Route 66 - The Journey Toward Success

Work Together On A Project

One excellent way to solidify a relationship with people in your professional business network is to work together on a project. There is something special in striving to complete a goal, and when sharing this experience with a friend, it can transform a friendship.

Deciding on the right project is never easy, but once you identify something that you are both excited about, the results can be amazing. It can be just about anything that you both agree is mutually beneficial and it does not have to be equally important to advancing both partners career. It is alright if one of those involved in the project is in a "support role", as long as everyone is clear on the purpose and the desired outcome.

One of my friends is working on delivering a very important presentation for his company, and the success of this speech would make a big difference in his career. We are working together to craft the correct words and to fine tune his delivery. While there is no direct reward for me in being involved in this project, I am excited to assist him in this very important endeavor. We will meet a number of times over the next month to assure that he is prepared to dazzle the audience. This effort will not only guarantee his success, but it will also strengthen our friendship.

I recently had lunch with author and business consultant Steve Harper (The Ripple Effect). We decided to co-author a white paper on how to manage a professional network of contacts and effectively turn those connections into real business opportunities. We both share a passion for the importance human connections in regards to living a productive and satisfying personal and professional life. I am excited to work with Steve, as I admire the business that he has built in the past two years, and I know that working together will have a great effect on advancing each of our goals.

Find out how you can help others to complete a project or work together on one that you co-create. Nobody is an island, and when you find ways to join your efforts to others like-minded people, the results can be sky high.

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Anonymous said...

This is great advice and timely. As a fundraiser, I'm constantly trying to get people involved and just today at a meeting, I saw how much more excited a volunteer committee member was when he brought his friend. It instantly became fun for him and they came up with all sorts of ideas. Two heads are better than one..

Steve Harper said...

Hey Thom...looking forward to working on this with you! Thanks as always for all that you do out there in the world of networking...the right way!

Ripple On my brother from another Mother!