Saturday, January 22, 2011

National Speakers Association Winter Conference (#NSAUN) - The UN-Conference and The UN-Agenda

The 2011 NSA Winter Conference is known as the "Un-Conference" for so many reasons.

Organizers Neen James and Gina Schreck have gone out of their way to ensure this is not just any old regular conference. They have all kinds of cool things planned, and are making sure that the learning, networking, and the fun are all un-common.

Those of us who are professional speakers attend a lot of conferences, so we know how routine they can become. Not this one!

I am in charge of the "Un-Agenda". This breakout session will not be like most you have seen. We have six GREAT speakers who have agreed to present on their topics of expertise. However, only two will present live. The attendees at the conference will all vote on what they want to learn.

It takes a special kind of professional speaker to present to other professional speakers. It takes and even more unique and open minded soul to agree to let the audience (their peers) vote for what they want to have presented AFTER they get to the event.

All six of these people agreed that there will be no hurt feelings or bruised egos if they are not selected. Two will present live, while the others will be invited to host webinars in the months following the conference.

The speakers who are on the "Un-Agenda" are:

Vinny Verelli
Gina Carr
Brian Walter
Craig Price
Wendy Kinney
Kelly Vanderver

When the conference attendees arrive they will be given a chance to vote for the topics they desire. Then on Saturday during the "Un-Agenda Breakout Session" we will be in store for two great presentations.

Thanks to everyone who is helping make this event the "Must Attend" event for the National Speakers Association.

Are you a professional speaker who wants more information on WHY you should participate in NSA? Call or email me and I will gladly share my experiences with you.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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