Monday, January 24, 2011

The 12 Pillars of Integrated Visibility - Number Five: "Advertising"

I have been writing about all "12 Pillars of Integrated Visibility" recently. The skills involved to create success in each area are rarely present within a single individual, and this is why so many companies fail to achieve the success they desire. There must be company-wide involvement to make it all come together.

Since the early days of the internet people have been proclaiming the death of advertising.

While we are still experiencing massive changes in where we get our information and entertainment, the arrival "social media" does not mark the end of paid advertising.

Advertising is a form of paid communications that is intended to persuade an audience to take action toward the purchase of products, ideas, or services. It can also be used to promote political, social, cultural or philanthropic points of view.

Anytime there is a large audience people you will find someone willing to pay to place their brand message before as many eyes as possible. It is estimated that over $500 Billion was spent on advertising in 2010 worldwide..... which means that the medium is far from dead.

Many companies shy away from advertising because it can be expensive. Traditional mass media (Television, Radio, Print) have a history of being the most effective way to reach a large audience, but as the consumers habits of where they spend their free time changes, fewer people are spending time engaged in these mediums. However, there are now many niche venues where you can invest in building brand awareness, and many of these are cost effective.

The first step is to identify how advertising will fit into your overall "Integrated Visibility" strategy. The overall mix of how you educate potential clients about your company, create interest, build a feeling of desire, and move them to a purchase is key to success.

Advertising is not a magic bullet to drive sales, but it can be a powerful pillar that supports your overall image. To gain attention it must be both interesting (to get attention) and repetitive (to build awareness). In general people work hard to avoid ads (think how most people use TIVO / DVR), but they still are influenced by the presence of advertising.

Knowing where to advertise can be confusing and overwhelming. It is important to know your customers, and understand how and where they spend their time (at work and personal time). Once you know where the right people are located (live and in cyber-space) you can make decisions on where to place ads.

Do not rule out advertising as part of your "marketing mix".

Have A Great Day.

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