Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How Do You React? Your Attitude Is A Window To Your Soul

When you encounter people who are looking to grow their business, expand their horizons, or do anything in this world...... how do you react?

Are you instantly supportive, curious, and excited to find ways to help?

Or are you accusatory, snarky, and mean spirited?

I encountered two people today who approached the world in exact opposite ways. They were both reacting to the same inquiring email that I sent them about working together, and I was amazed within the course of one hour the different reactions I could get from these two "professionals".

One was excited by what I was doing, and went out of their way to learn more, make recommendations, and is now considering hiring me to conduct a training program for her company. She is the type of person I believe most people enjoy being around. She explored the situation, shared her opinions, asked probing questions, and searched for ways to connect the dots.

If I had to select two words to describe the first person, I would choose "delightful" and "empowering".

The other person cut holes in my efforts, accused me of being a copy cat, and did so with a tone of bitchy superiority. In just a few sentences she presented herself as a cynic.

The words for her? I probably should not say them!

These two exchanges got me thinking... how we react to things is more about us than it is about the situation itself. We get to choose how we respond to others.

Our attitude is often a window to our soul.

For a few minutes the second person made me feel bad about myself. Then I laughed. I am happy that I do not have to go through life with such dark clouds circling my personality.

I hope that I am more like the first woman in my interactions with others. I try to be interested and supportive, even if the other persons products and services are not something I desire.

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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Thom Singer said...

I edited out the word "bitchy" after getting an email saying it was a "sexist" word. I replaced it with "mean spirited". I did not realize the word I chose would offend anyone, and thought people of both sexes could be described in that manner.