Sunday, January 02, 2011

Update on "Brainstorming Sessions"

Last week I wrote a post about brainstorming your goals and actions plans for 2011. The idea is to meet with other people and share the time to toss out ideas for each other as you contemplate your success plan for the new year.

Someone on the outside often has the ability to see things that you cannot. Their perspective can be amazing.

Last year I met with close friends to conduct this exercise. This year I put out my request on Twitter and have set up meetings with people who responded. Some I knew (but not that well), and others have been people I have only encountered via Twitter.

My goal is to have ten of these one hour meetings. I have already had five with two more scheduled this week (Interested?). The investment of time has proven to be spectacular. I have been given some really good ideas, but more importantly I have connected with some very intelligent and insightful people who I hope to develop closer friendships with this year.

I have shared some good ideas for them (one person sat up and said "WOW"), and have received some powerful contributions that I am weaving into my own business plan for 2011.

It is not too late to have these types of meetings. Let the ideas flow!

Have A Great Day.

thom singer

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