Saturday, January 01, 2011

My Theme for 2011

I am not sure when people began having "themes" for their year, but ever since social media has come into play many people publish words, key phrases or themes to guide them throughout their year. I like the idea. I have always been a goal setter, and having an overall theme helps keep the focus.

Have you ever taken a young child bowling? They have "bumpers" that can automatically be activated that keep the ball from rolling into the gutter. That is what my theme is for 2011 - my "bumpers". If used correctly this will help me knock down the pins this year.

My theme the new year is:
  • Belief in Self
  • Intention in Action
  • Joy in Family and Friends
  • Fun in Success
This can be broken down to "Belief, Intention, Joy and Fun"..... but the above bullet points give you the full perspective.

Some people do not set goals or have a theme. That's cool. But don't knock it until you have tried it!

What is your "theme"?

Have A Great Year!

thom singer

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