Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bob Fabbio, CEO of WhiteGlove House Call Health, Speaks At ACG-Central Texas Chapter

WhiteGlove House Call Health is one of the fastest growing companies in Austin, Texas (and the United States). CEO Bob Fabbio was the featured speaker at the January meeting of the Central Texas Chapter of the Association for Corporate Growth.

His presentation, "Even in tough economic times you can start and grow a business -- What has fueled WhiteGlove's growth", was an informative reminder that in any economy there are entrepreneurs who launch companies that become successful household names.

All the negative business news in the media should not stop you from taking your idea to the marketplace.

Microsoft, IHOP, HP, FedEx, LexisNexus, Trader Joe's, Hyatt, Sports Illustrated, GE and countless other companies were all started in depressions and recessions.

How? By entrepreneurial leaders who identified a large market need and then filled it with new products and services. This is how companies start and grow.

Combining intuition and analysis to answer "The What's" are paramount to success, according to Fabbio.

He shared a list of 12 "What?" questions that any business leader should ask... and the answers will lead them to their business model and valuation. When companies ultimately know what business they are in, and if they have a large enough market (which is a challenge for many), they are less likely to fail.

Knowing the market opportunity, having a unique business model, proactive customer acquisition, proprietary technology, and the timing of macro trends in the greater economy have made a big difference in the giant success of Fabbio's company.

The economic downturn has caused businesses (and individuals) to have a keen awareness of high health care costs. Thus the company's radically different solution to delivering services looks very interesting to everyone. While they sell to medium and large employers (who sign-up their employees up as "members"), the end-users love the WhiteGlove service. The company has the highest customer rating of any business in the United States on

Fabbio clearly knows this topic.... as WhiteGlove grew 480% in 2010 and they are projecting growth of over 500% in 2011.

I also learned that if you live in Texas and have Aetna, Humana, or UnitedHealthcare health insurance you are automatically enrolled as a WhiteGlove member. I did not know that, but I plan to try out their service if I get sick any time soon! (Although I would rather just not get sick).

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thom singer

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