Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I Won An iPad From My Dentist!

Who says going to the dentist is not a great thing?

I will admit, I am not a fan of the whole dentist thing. I wish I could skip it, but good oral hygiene requires that I go from time to time.

Several years ago, at the recommendation of a friend, I tried Dr. Deano Sakos at Westlake Hills Cosmetic Dentistry. Turns out the doc and his staff are great, and thus I found a dental care home. While I do not make it in every six months... I do get the old chompers cleaned more often because I like the folks at the dental office (and they do not make me feel bad for not coming as often as they recommend).

This fall my dentist was encouraging people to join his Facebook Fan Page. Let's face it, who wants to "like" their dentist on Facebook? If you joined their FB community you were automatically entered to win a chance at winning an iPad. I was game and signed up right there from my iPhone.

To be honest, I never thought of this again. I did enjoy the occasional updates and friendly tooth oriented reminders that crossed my Facebook stream,...and they do not over post with FB updates, but instead share important info and fun things that go on in the office.

Today I got a call from my dentist office. I thought they were reaching out to schedule my next teeth cleaning, but instead they were informing me that I was the BIG WINNER.

"No Way?"

" Way!"

" No Way?"

" Way!"

Yep, I won an iPad.

I was overly happy about this whole thing. Even more excited were the kids when they got home from school. I have not seen the iPad in five hours and it now has 4 pages of free game apps.

Thanks Dr. Sakos!!!

If anyone ever needs a great dentist in the Austin area, I cannot say enough good things about Westlake Hills Cosmetic Dentistry (and not just because I won a prize!). If you go to them, tell them I sent you. I cannot promise you will win anything, but you will have better teeth.

Have A Great Day.



Ryan said...

All I got from the dentist was a shot of Novocain and a high co-pay.

Gina Carr said...

Congrats Thom. I got an ipad last November for my birthday and I love it. It is a total life changer.

Thanks also for sharing the success that your dentist is having with Facebook. I'll add them to my "how to do it right" story!

Great post!

Gina Carr