Thursday, January 06, 2011

Identify Success In Advance - Goals for 2011

This time of year brings many goals and resolutions, but too many people are vague about what they want to accomplish. They desire "more money" or "more time with the kids", .... but "more" is a random and subjective term that does not inspire action.

If you want to accomplish your desires you must be clear in your exact pursuits. You should identify your success in advance so that you can take the necessary steps to arrive at your destination.

If you were to fly from Los Angeles to Honolulu you would want the pilot to know where he was going. To take off and point the plane "west" could have fatal consequences.

When you are clear about where you are going it makes it easy to take the actions along the way that lead you to your success.

Individuals, companies and other organizations should create success plans that will serve as a road map throughout the year. A small amount of time invested now will help you create your most powerful year ever.

Have A Great Day.


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