Monday, October 02, 2006

The Networking Blog Carnival - 1st Edition

We got some great submissions to the first Networking Blog Carnival. Thank you to all the bloggers who participated and sent in the links below. I encourage all readers to click through and read all the valuable information that has been shared.

From David Maister:

What The Networking Seminar Speakers Said

From Daniel Sococco of the Innovation Zen Blog:

Why Should You Go To The University

From Jason Alba of the Jibber Jobber blog:

Networking Tips for Thom's Blog Carnival

From The Smart Grad School Applications Blog

10 Reasons To Go To Grad School In The Modern World

From Laura Ricci of Laura's Winning Ideas Blog:

Capturing Marketshare With A Conversation Starter

Adding "How May I Help You?" To Your Repertoire

Fear or Embrace

From Jay Thompson of The Phoenix Real Estate Guy Blog:

Active Rain

From Chris Brunner of Great FX Business Cards Blog:

How To Sell Your Services Better

If you are interested in hosting the second edition of the Networking Carnival on your blog, please send me an email.

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