Friday, October 06, 2006

Friday Parade of Random Things That Interest Me

I am fan of Business 2.0 Magazine. It is always full of cool companies, inventions and other stuff. Today I read about "Zorbing". It is the new bungee jumping without the jumping. Yes, it is always the folks in New Zealand who bring us these wild things.

A person is encased in a big plastic bubble and rolled down the hill getting to speeds of 25 mph while strapped inside a big transparent ball. Think hamster.

Coming soon to your neighborhood hillside. I can't wait!!!

Have A Great Weekend.


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1 comment:

Scott Ingram said...


These guys were in Austin a few weeks ago. They visited the Downtown Austin Rotary Club meeting as they explored locations for this in Austin.

They had a very good 'story' about their business. They simply put people in bubbles and chuck them down hills. They also specified that they collect payment up-front.