Friday, October 20, 2006

Friday Parade of Random Cool Stuff


I have discovered a cool new website that every blogger needs to know about, so be sure to tell your friends!!! It has a lot of very interesting applications for anyone who is a knowledge entrepreneur, and it went live two weeks ago, so there is a lot more to come.

It is called Nano Learning. In the busy world we live in people do not have time for time consuming classes. Instead, people prefer to learn in small chunks. This a site that allows anyone to create short, good looking on-line learning classes without having to be an expert in Flash or have other extensive programming knowledge. Discovering this site early is akin to having been one of the first people to have found Blogspot back in the day.

A friend showed me how easy it is to create an on-line course by creating an eight-page class from a blog post of mine (and Scott Ingram's) posted earlier this week. The creation of the Nano Learning course took about ten minutes. Click here to view the course on Creating Your Signature Story.

If this can be created in ten minutes by cutting and pasting from two blog posts, imagine the cool on-line learning tools you can create with a little effort!

**Late addition: I decided to try writing a course by myself to see if it is really as easy as it was for my friend. Having spent ten years of my life as a wedding photographer, I created a short course on How To Select A Wedding Photographer. From start to finish it only took about twenty minutes. I can go back later and add photos, links, etc... NanoLearning is really cool! Go create a course and see for yourself!

This is the coolest new technology on the internet...and it is just out of the gate. I did not know about E-Bay until it was widely used. Same for Blogger. This is our chance to have uncovered a new on-line sensation before everyone else on the planet.

Nano Learning is the next big thing!!!

Have A Great Weekend.

Thom Singer

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Mike said...

Thanks for sharing this new site. This could be very cool to use if it is as easy as you claim. Lots of things one can put into a nanolearning course. hmmmmmmm.