Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Getting Out Of The Garage

A lawyer called me yesterday after reading my blog post about the Rolling Stones. The gist of his call is that he sees his practice more like a garage band (see the October 23rd post). He was sad about this realization and was afraid that he would never be able to raise himself above this level of performance. Was he never to be at the top of his field?

The good news is that I believe that anyone can become a super achiever, but they have to be willing to put in the extra work and ride the wave to success. It takes time and there are no shortcuts. It can take over a decade of focused hard work to achieve the top level in a career.

This reminds me of the old joke: "What do you call someone who spent ten years working hard and finally gets fame and fortune?"....answer: "An overnight success!".

When some achieve greatness those of us on the outside looking in only see the visible victories. What we never notice is the years of sacrifice, dedication, study, practice, and failures. Yet those things are always there.

I told my lawyer friend that to get out of the "garage" and into playing the larger venues he will need to work hard, have a clear vision, and never give up. He was somewhat underwhelmed with that answer, as he felt he had already worked pretty hard. I think he wanted me to have some magic answer. Sorry, no tricks here or I would use them myself!!!

Have A Great Day

Thom Singer

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gblakney said...

plan the work, work the plan. it's simple, it's just not easy. ask Madonna, ask Jerry Rice, ask Stephen Hawking, ask Feliz Rohatyn. you need to plug away, every day, all day. there's probably three very simple things he could do to see some progress. has he read your book?

gblakney said...

and why is it so hard to publish a comment?!?!?!?