Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blackberry / Crack-Berry

I am addicted to my blackberry. When it buzzes I cannot help myself ..... I must go read the message that has been delivered. I have no will-power. Instantly I must know who sent me the email.

Is it important? Often not. Is it interesting? blahhhh. Have I been invited somewhere fun? No. Is it spam? Too much spam, yes.

If I am asked a question in an email, I feel compelled to answer fast.

If a friend crosses my mind, I have in my hands the power to send them an email instantly.

How did society survive before wireless technology took over the planet?

When my father was my age in 1954 they only had the US Postal Service or Western Union to send written messages. No fax, Fed-Ex, email, etc.... They had telephones, but you could only reach someone who was at their desk. Heck, no voicemail....a real person had to take a message and write it by hand on those pink message pads. Oh, the insanity.

I have a friend who avoids email and cell phones on the weekends. I would go into withdrawals. Why would someone do that?

Oooops, gotta go. I just got an email.

Have A Great Day.


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gblakney said...

Productivity Opportunity: when I'm making calls during the day, I shut down my email and turn off my cellphone. I made a huge leap forward when I figured out how to turn off the sound and little envelope that shows in the Windows System Tray when Outlook is on! If it's THAT important, they'll call the main number at the office. Now, get back to work!

Chuck Brady said...

Hey Thom,

I loved this article, as it is something I struggle with often as well. I have been able to avoid getting a blackberry thus far (I have a feeling it will reduce my productivity). Though my only phone line is my cell.

I find the only way I can relax on the weekends is by not answering my phone at all for periods of time.

So much for technology making our lives easier eh?