Monday, December 26, 2011

Review Of My 2011 "Theme" -- And Being A Better Person in 2012

On January 1, 2011 I wrote on this blog about my theme for the year.

This theme was a variation on my annual goal setting and included:

  • Belief in Self
  • Intention in Action
  • Joy in Family and Friends
  • Fun in Success
This year was a good year.  While I still have a long way to go to reach my desired levels of success, I did work hard to achieve my own levels of attention to confidence, intention, family/friends and fun.  I achieved more in 2011 than I did in 2010, and I feel better about my prospects for the future.

I could not have done it alone, as I am fortunate to have a lot of people who love me and support my efforts.

As I look to 2012 I have been perplexed about setting my goals and establishing a theme.  While I have come a long way in my career and my personal endeavors, I still fall short in some areas in which I want to improve.

Several weeks ago I wrote a post called "Being A Better Person in 2012".  The blog entry was written quickly and without much thought as to what it meant.  The interesting part is how many people commented to me off line about this post.  Some said nice things about my already being good, while others jumped right in to help me identify my flaws.  Others shared my broad desire to be a better person and inquired about how we could support each other in such efforts.

I googled the words "being a better person" and discovered that much is already written on the topic.  There seems to be a big interest from people in this idealistic thought of self-improvement.

The debate raged in my mind for over a week, wondering if it was too vague a statement ("Being A Better Person") to be my theme for 2012. There is little I can do to measure the results, and it is hardly a topic that can be discussed at cocktail parties ("Hi, I am Thom and I am striving to be better than I was yesterday").

Alas, I have decided to try.  I know many of my own areas that need improvement, and there never seems to be a shortage of people who will talk about the flaws of others (behind their back or to their face.... and FYI... talking behind someones back always has a way of getting to the ears of the person being discussed!).... so I know I will have things to add to my list of stuff to do better.

Have A Great Day

thom singer

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