Friday, December 02, 2011

Heart House is now "The BeHive"

Heart House is now known as "The BeHive".  I had the good fortune of having breakfast recently with Anna Land, the founder and CEO of this amazing program.  I used to be a Heart House Board Member (and continue to be a huge fan!), and was excited to learn about all the new and exciting things happening for this fantastic non-profit organization.

The BeHive is a free after-school and summer program dedicated to providing a safe haven and academic support to low income elementary school children, and to encouraging them to become good citizens. The BeHive, formerly known as Heart House in Austin and Houston, is a tightly woven family of dynamic staff, caring volunteers, community collaborators and beloved children and families.

Anna shared with me that 90% of the students received A's and B's in school last year. These elementary school students come from all ethnic backgrounds and regions of the world, and have often seen extreme violence in their neighborhoods and even within their families. Most do not live with both parents; many do not even live with one parent. About 80% of our students live in the immediate area where The BeHive clubhouses are located, creating a positive connection for these children to their community.

The BeHive is growing and will be expanding throughout Texas (and beyond).  They are continuing to seek donations, volunteers and patrons who will spread the word and send good vibes throughout the community.

There are many ways to get involved, including through the professional auxiliary group known as "The Halos".  Reach out to The BeHive today to learn more about how you can have a meaningful impact on children in our community. 

Visit their new website:

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