Monday, December 05, 2011

Oh, If Only Oprah Still Had Her Book Club...."My Twins' First Christmas"

Nine years ago my wife, Sara, kicked off what is now a family tradition. She wrote a book. Her cookbook, "Mad at Martha", which she co-authored with a friend, was a big success.

Then I wrote some books.

Now our oldest daughter is releasing her first book. "My Twins' First Christmas" is available for order just in time for the holidays. Jackie has authored the newest book in the "My Friend Paris" series of children's books. The series was created by her friend, Paris Morris, and Jackie is the fourth author to extend the stories of Paris and her family (which included Paris's real life twin sisters).

While Jackie only has one sister, Kate was a very active baby.  We often joked that she was so active it was similar to keeping up with twins. Many of the stories in the book are based on Kate's early holiday experiences.

(Oh yes, Kate is beginning work on her first book, too.  Coming in 2012...Stay tuned!)


Danville, Calif., December 1, 2011 – The seventh book in the My Friend Paris Series, My Twins’ First Christmas, is now available at booksellers nationwide. It joins “I’m Having Twins”, “My Twins Are Coming Home”, “My Twins’ First Birthday”, “Paris Goes to Lake Tahoe”, “Paris Goes to San Francisco”, and “Paris Goes to Los Angeles”.

These books are based on the real-life experiences of Paris Morris, now a 13-year-old eighth grade student in Danville, Calif. The child author decided to write these full-color illustrated books when she discovered that there were few, if any, children’s books that addressed her concerns about her family’s eminent expansion to include twins. With the number of families with twins and higher-order multiples increasing each year, demand for this content remains high.

My Twins’ First Christmas is written by Paris’ friend Jackie Singer. It is the story of the Morris family’s holiday celebration, now chaotic with the addition of Paris’ sisters. The story is funny given that the twins are active and get into everything within reach. Large and small families can relate to the magic of the season and the little things that create long-lasting memories.

“Christmas has always been a big deal in our house,” says Jackie. “I enjoyed bringing that to life and sharing our experiences. Can you imagine what it’s like with three little girls, two of whom would be content just to rip each and every ornament off the tree?!”

My Twins’ First Christmas is available at and other booksellers. Jackie and Paris are also available to do readings.

About New Year Publishing:  New Year Publishing, LLC was founded in 2004. Its children’s division offers titles to aid parents in teaching life lessons to their offspring. More information on New Year Publishing can be found online at New Year Publishing is headquartered in Danville, Calif.

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