Saturday, December 03, 2011

If You Ever Need A Last Minute Back-Up Keynote Speaker (In Texas or Beyond)

Nobody can predict when you might need to quickly find a back-up speaker at the last minute for an event.  Illness, weather, airlines delays and countless other things can go wrong and a speaker is forced to cancel.  

Earlier this year I wrote on this blog about what to do if your speaker cancels at the last minute, and I regularly get hits via Google Search to that article.  Over once a week someone in the world is searching that topic (I come up near the top of the list).

Fortunately it happens very rarely... but it does happen.  I know because I have received the calls to step in at the last minute (with either days or hours notice) several times for meetings and conventions in my hometown of Austin, Texas (and nearby Dallas and San Antonio).

If this ever happens to you (in Austin or beyond), give me a call.  While I spoke 59 times in 2011, if my calendar has an opening I am thrilled be a resource.

My most popular program is called "The Conference Catalyst" and I speak at conferences all over the country.  My message of "choosing people" is well received by over 300 audiences (59 in 2011) covering a variety of industries.   A main reason people attend conferences if for the networking opportunities, but they fail to make meaningful connections once present at the event.  I change that.

The presentation can also be adapted into a keynote or breakout format, and I have other topics that can engage and inspire your audience.

I hope you never need an emergency back-up speaker.... but remember me if the situation arises.

Thom Singer

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